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Hangana Social Responsibility

The O&L Group of Companies, being a diverse alliance with business operations in (amongst others) fishing and beverages, lends its support to a variety of programmes in our quest to limit any negative impacts as far as is possible, while maximising our efforts towards uplifting the communities within which we do business.

In this way we fulfil our role as a responsible, ethical and empathetic corporate citizen, as demonstrated by the support we extend to address national issues such as HIV/AIDS and cancer, and to the benefit of vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children, and the elderly:

  • Since 2009 the O&L Group of Companies has been hosting annual Christmas celebrations for around 300 orphans and vulnerable children. Hangana Seafood is one of the proud sponsors of, and hosts, the coastal Christmas celebration on behalf of Ohlthaver & List, for around 90 orphans and vulnerable children annually.
  • A charitable shoebox initiative was kick-started in 2012 throughout the group through which less fortunate children are presented with a decorated gift box each Christmas season, specially prepared by our employees.

The O&L Group embraces a thorough Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that advances our mission: Creating a Future, Enhancing Life. We boldly advocate and facilitate educational support to kids of low-income households in each of the fourteen regions in Namibia. O&L is a passionate believer in education as the path to a prosperous country, and views education as the most valuable investment on behalf of and to the benefit of our people, empowering them to improve their quality of life.

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