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Hangana Environmental Preservation

The Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies is aware of the potential impact its operations could have on the Environment and is therefore committed to conduct business operations in an environmentally responsible way, ensuring the sustainability of the Group.

In doing so, we will protect our environment through responsible conduct, and endeavor to create environmental awareness in the communities in which we operate and live. We are further committed to educate our workforce in supporting environmental initiatives.

Environmental impact assessments are undertaken to establish the potential impacts and effects of our operations by implementing best practices thus ensuring legal compliance.

Environmental preservation is important for the sustainability of our country. One of our company values being Naturally Today for Tomorrow shows our commitment to our environmental policy and is also evident in the awareness training we provide to all our employees.All business units will establish their carbon footprint and set attainable targets for the reduction thereof. We will initiate and encourage our business partners, suppliers and contractors to adopt a similar approach.

  The Group has developed Management Standards including:

     (a) Meeting Legislative and Regulatory standards
     (b) Appointing key personnel to address environmental requirements
     (c) Conducting environmental risk and impact assessments
     (d) Conducting internal environmental audits
     (e) Reporting on environmental issues incl. carbon footprint
     (f)  Reporting and follow up on environmental incidents
     (g) Conducting training and awareness programs
     (h) Developing Emergency and Continuity Plans

The Group has also set certain technical standards including the management of solid waste, effluent, water utilisation, electricity utilisation, hazardous materials (including. oils), air emissions, landfills, fuel stations, refrigerants harmful to the environment and promotes the use of alternative energy sources and energy savings initiatives and devices including solar energy (e.g. PV), wind turbines, energy saving lighting such as CFL’s/LED’s and geyser blankets to name a few.


envirometal preservation