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Our Company

Hangana Seafood (Pty) Ltd – which falls under the umbrella of the Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies – is a completely Namibian owned and operated business and one of the major providers of jobs in the Namibian Hake fishing market.

Hangana runs a high-tech wet fish factory that utilises the latest equipment and relevant business software. It does this in keeping with Hangana's and Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies' 2019 vision: “To be the most progressive and inspiring company”.

Hangana Seafood employs approximately 1,200 members of staff (as at the start of 2015), comprised of permanent and contract employees. This staff quotient represents a portion of more than 4,900 people employed by the Ohlthaver & List Group, which remains a significant contributor to Namibia's economic landscape.

A short while ago, Hangana invested in an automated value-added line worth millions of rands. This line creates high-quality shapes from primary production for specific clients in the worldwide market.

Thebusiness runs and manages its own fleet of wet fish trawlers – seven in total – ranging in lengths from 45-55m, and boasting a catching capacity of 1,800 Quota tons / year / vessel, H&G (headed & gutted). The freshness of each catch is ensured with ice within the vessel, and each catch is moved with great care to our terrestrial Hangana Seafood factory for additional processing.

Hangana is entirely committed to ethical and sustainable fishing methods in Namibian waters. Our vessels utilise the latest technology on their fishing gear, namely Fondo bottom trawls / Uruque trawls, EL Cazador trawl doors / Thyboron trawl doors, in addition to a mesh size of 110mm that eliminates the risk of prematurely catching young fish. We also recently implemented a vessel replacement system that enables us to acquire newer fishing vessels that operate more efficiently. Four of our vessels were converted to run on both IFO and ADO Fuel, allowing us to reduce the impact of expensive fuel prices.

Hangana Seafood has earned an enviable reputation around the world that is synonymous with quality, innovation, dedication and accomplishment. Due to our sustained striving for excellence, Hangana has won the respect of consumers and competitors alike. Products of an impeccable standard are achieved through our total adherence to the Integrated Quality Management System consisting of HACCP, ISO 22000 and BRC Worldwide Standards for Food Safety. We take great care in fulfilling our responsibility of producing safe and legally compliant products of uncompromising quality that are free of additives and genetically modified organisms. We tirelessly strive to offer a broader range of retail products for global outlets.

Hangana continuously investigates foreign markets and attributes its impressive market/product expansion to insightful pre-planning and strategic market research. Innovative technology, intelligent product branding and classy packaging are key contributing factors to our success. Hangana Seafood’s land-frozen products are primarily distributed to Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA and the SADC region.